What Is Distance Learning? The Complete Guide

Almost half of the UAE students had similar reasons for enrolling in a DE courses including managing class and study time, saving time by choosing study location and working at their own pace. In addition, a little more than half of the UAE students also shared that having more options for courses or colleges to attend were reasons to enroll. The reasons that were selected the least by all three groups were that courses were less expensive and enrolling in a preferred program . The data indicates that out of 223 students who responded to the survey, a total of 63 students have taken DE courses.

We don’t want to pay for all of it – and we expect them to work hard to get good grades and muster some type of merit scholarship. Abby is a freelance journalist who writes on everything from personal finance to health and wellness. She spends her spare time bargain hunting and meal planning for her family of three. in English Literature from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, and lives with her husband and children in Indianapolis.

De Students Bring Cultural Diversity To One India

The failure of the hardware can be a very frustrating thing for all involved in distance learning. For the instructor, it means they can be well prepared for the class only to have a bad connection or camera failure cause the entire lesson to go bad. For the technician, the frustration and inability to keep the class running smoothly may affect the instructor's view of their competency, causing friction. For the student, an inability to get a flow to the class and feel like progress is being made can hinder the learning process. Those students used to the traditional face-to-face instruction and who do not have a tolerance for ambiguity will have a difficult time.


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